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Upgrades Performer Plus Boombox

Califone announced changes to its flagship Performer Plus Multimedia Player / Recorder for the upcoming 2013-14 academic year. (more…)

Free Upgrade from Spirit Boombox to Spirit SD

Califone announced a free upgrade on orders for its popular Spirit boombox 1776 Multimedia Player/Recorder. (more…)

Too Many Cords Cause Classroom Chaos

Do you ever feel like the movie ‘Tangled’ could’ve been about headphone cords? If so then you’re probably not alone if you’ve ever sat in your classroom patiently trying to untangle pesky cords. (more…)

10 Spirit Learning Centers in 10 Days

Educators Encouraged to Submit Creative Ideas for Multimedia Use in the Classroom

For 10 years, educators have relied on Califone Spirit™ boomboxes to enliven curriculum lessons through the power of audiovisual aids. While learning tools have evolved over time, multimedia-based activities remain an effective instructional method to address multiple learning styles and enhance curriculum lessons. To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Spirit Multimedia Player/Recorder, Califone is holding a 10-day contest in which one educator will win a 4-Person Spirit SD Learning Center each day. (more…)

Rocks Richmond County Schools

Known for its progressive programming, the Richmond County School System held its Mini Education Expo today. (more…)

Downsize Bigger Classes

Students can be affected when class sizes increase, so adapting tools that can assist you can help offset these changes to create an effective learning environment. (more…)

Maintaining Balance

Balance is useful and necessary in our personal lives as well as our work, and is equally necessary for audio-assisted learning within schools.


Upgrades Performer Plus


Popular boombox offers educators and students even more flexibility for use in the classroom. (more…)