Expands Offering of Headphone & Headset Classroom Packs

Extended 10- and 12-pack sets allow for interactive classroom and library uses

Califone International, Inc., announces the extension of its popular Deluxe Stereo line of headsets and Multimedia Stereo lines of headphones and headsets. Ideal for use in today’s classrooms, computer labs and libraries, these product lines are now available in either 10- or 12-pack bundles, making it easier to provide every student with the safe and productive listening experience needed to optimize learning. (more…)

Does Earcup Size Matter?

7th in a series of articles about headphones and headsets

When buying a car or making a large purchase, most of us go through a series of mental check offs to consider which features we’d like such as: four doors to accommodate family or friends or a two-door, does the warranty cover the type of driving you do, aesthetics, does it offer the safety features you want, or how affordable is it? Similarly, when purchasing for entire district or a single school, many of the same types of questions should also be asked when the subject comes to classroom headphones or headsets. (more…)