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Califone Expands Headphones for Elementary Students

 The smaller-sized Kids headphone is designed to fit younger listeners comfortably in the classroom learning environment.

 The passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) makes Title I and II funding available for pre-K and early elementary education, therefore increasing access to pre-K programs and professional development resources. To support the effort by the U.S. Department of Education to jump-start elementary teaching and learning, Califone International LLC introduces its Kids Headphone. The 1534BK headphone is smaller in size and durable to fit the needs of younger listeners (more…)

Launches 901 Wireless Headphone

New listening device connects multiple users with single transmitter and supports Common Core goals. (more…)

New Headphone used with Personal CD Player

Califone announced a new headphone will be included with its Personal CD Player. (more…)

The Timeless Listening Center

Quick – can you think of a classroom technology that’s still in use more than 50 years after it was first introduced? (more…)

Free Upgrade from Spirit Boombox to Spirit SD

Califone announced a free upgrade on orders for its popular Spirit boombox 1776 Multimedia Player/Recorder. (more…)

Win a To Go Headset Twitter Contest at ISTE

As mobile learning is increasingly applied to day-to-day classroom applications as well as for testing, headsets need to be similarly compatible to successfully capture vocal responses and connect with the devices. (more…)

Using Audio Books as Technology to Assist Student Readers

With so many ways to use technology in the classroom, one of my most reliable uses is the use of the audio book.

As a middle teacher who teaches students whom have newly migrated to America, have special needs, or various other circumstances, I am challenged to meet the needs of each student not only individually, but also the whole class during the time given. I decided to go back to basics. Basics being, going back to what many of the elementary school teachers are already doing. Stations, and reading TO children. (more…)

10th Winner in 10-Day Spirit SD Classroom Learning Center Giveaway Contest

The tenth and final winner in the 10-Day Spirit SD Classroom Learning Center Giveaway contest is Robyn Elaine! Elaine’s submission offered a glimpse into her world as a general education 2nd-grade teacher of a very diverse group of students with varying individual learning needs and was worthy enough to be our final winner. (more…)