Califone Expands Headphones for Elementary Students

 The smaller-sized Kids headphone is designed to fit younger listeners comfortably in the classroom learning environment.

 The passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) makes Title I and II funding available for pre-K and early elementary education, therefore increasing access to pre-K programs and professional development resources. To support the effort by the U.S. Department of Education to jump-start elementary teaching and learning, Califone International LLC introduces its Kids Headphone. The 1534BK headphone is smaller in size and durable to fit the needs of younger listeners (more…)

ABS Plastic because the Exterior Matters

8th in a series of articles

Lots of choices go into purchasing a car such as what you can afford, the gas mileage expected, two or four doors, and which safety features to include are just some of the considerations. Purchasing classroom or library audio equipment that’ll used by children similarly involves making choices, and looking at safety features should be some of them. (more…)

3068AV Delivers Performance

The 3068 delivers performance at an economical price for 1:1 instruction in listening centers and library uses.

One primary advantage of the 3068 is its ability to switch between typical monaural functions such as in English Language Learning / English Language Development, language labs and speech pathology applications. (more…)