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Califone Releases Headsets for Immersive Gaming

Gaming headset models feature surround sound and microphone-enabled chat for individual or team play (more…)

Offers New OS Compatibility Charts with Assessments

Much of the talk surrounding the Common Core, PARCC, and Smarter Balanced Standards has been about the content being taught, but few have actually discussed the audio hardware that districts need to work with their specific devices and operating systems. Califone has now made this information available on our website. (more…)

Poll On New Headset Requirements

Visit our online poll, vote, and review results on PARCC’s new headset requirements! Your participation is greatly appreciated. (more…)

Upgrades Titanium Series Cord Connections

Califone announced a series of improvements to the connection point between the cord and earcup across the entire line of Titanium series headphones and headsets. (more…)

Upgrades Discovery DS4V Headset

Califone announced an upgrade to its Discovery DS-4V headset. (more…)

Guaranteed For Life Cords Answer Student Chewing Problem

 Offers a revolutionary solution to an age-old classroom problem.

Califone Introduces First USB Headset for Schools

Califone® Introduces First USB Headset for Schools

New headset decreases chance of interrupted audio enabling students to accurately learn language fluency and comprehension

With the explosion of wireless devices and ever-smaller and -sleeker computing devices, plug-ins and ports have become a significant issue for schools. Some computer manufacturers have discontinued installing conventional plugs in favor of USB ports, because data can be transferred more quickly. For schools, this means giving students the ability to do more in less time for maximum learning capability. In response to the changing market and the needs of schools, Califone, Inc., the premier manufacturer of quality audio technology for the education market, announces the introduction of its 4100-USB headset, the first headset specifically designed for school use to utilize USB 2 technology. (more…)