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5 Essential Steps for Project-Based Learning

The 5 Essential Steps of the Inquiry Cycle for Project-Based Learning

Unlike traditional learning based on rote memorization, the Inquiry Cycle of project-based learning begins with a question or query that forms the basis of a learning investigation. More often than not, educators form student groups to work collaboratively on a project. Successful outcomes are often a result of the level of research and analytical skills developed by the students throughout the course of the project. (more…)

Too Many Cords Cause Classroom Chaos

Do you ever feel like the movie ‘Tangled’ could’ve been about headphone cords? If so then you’re probably not alone if you’ve ever sat in your classroom patiently trying to untangle pesky cords. (more…)

Welcomes NYSSBA

Nearly 3,000 school board members, superintendents and educators from across New York arrived in Buffalo today for the 92nd New York State School Boards Association’s Annual Convention and Education Expo, and Califone is there to help greet them. (more…)

Rocks Richmond County Schools

Known for its progressive programming, the Richmond County School System held its Mini Education Expo today. (more…)

Language Learning in a Flash

Literacy and English language learning development can vary for students who learn at a different pace than others. (more…)

Play iPod Videos from a PA

So you’ve got the perfect videos to support your presentation loaded onto your iPod. But not all rooms have either a convenient DVD player or computer to play them – what do you do? (more…)

AV2 Contest Winners

Media specialists, tech coordinators, and librarians all jumped to be amongst the first educators to take back to their schools the first samples of the AV2.  (more…)

Downsize Bigger Classes

Students can be affected when class sizes increase, so adapting tools that can assist you can help offset these changes to create an effective learning environment. (more…)