Student Podcasts Align with Common Core Objectives

Part of the underlying structure of the Common Core Standards is the intent to move students from the lower thinking skills to higher order thinking skills, or HOTS, at the top of Bloom’s Taxonomy: analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

Creating podcasts requires the use of all three of the HOTS. This process and the end result – the podcast itself – also fulfill one of the requirements of the Common Core Speaking and Listening skills. Here is the Grade 5 standard: (more…)

Launches 21st Century Headset

Delivers reliability and comfort for classroom and library learning

In a 21st century learning environment, students often wear headsets for hours at a time while engrossed in digital learning activities on computers and other audiovisual devices. Traditional heavy-duty headsets can become uncomfortable for students when worn over long periods of time. The new Lightweight Personal Multimedia Stereo Headset from Califone gives educators a high-quality and cost-effective audio solution that’s also comfortable for extended daily student wear. (more…)