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Califone Upgrades PA419 with Bluetooth and NFC

As educators continue to deploy more sophisticated audio-visual technology in the classroom and outside, Califone International LLC, the premier manufacturer of quality audio technology and sound presentation solutions for schools, houses of worship, industry, institutions and presenter uses, has upgraded its portable PA419-02 wireless speaker with new wireless capabilities. (more…)

Free Upgrade on PA20R Megaphone

Califone introduced a a “mega” promotion on one its popular portable pa units. (more…)

PresentationPro PA Wins Award

The just-upgraded PresentationPro PA was announced by Tech and Learning magazine as one of its “ISTE Best in Show” winners at the leading annual educational technology conference. (more…)

Califone PresentationPro Supports ISTE 2014

With more schools and districts using PA gear to support mobile devices,  streaming video, projectors, computers and voice amplification, the need for audio reinforcement continues to grow.  To help teachers and students alike hear important content, Califone announced it will again be the supplier of portable PA gear used at the annual ISTE conference. (more…)

Wireless PresentationPro PA Sale

Califone announced a Springtime special on the country’s most widely spec’d school speaker! (more…)

ISTE 2013 to use Califone Speaker

Califone is pleased to announce its support once again for the International Society for Technology in Education conference by supplying its most widely spec’d classroom PA speaker, the PresentationPro™, for use in several public areas throughout the conference, to be held in San Antonio, TX on June 24-26th. (more…)

Wraps TCEA 2013

It seemed no matter which way someone turned at this year’s TCEA conference, the buzz seemed to be centered around mobile devices or support for them. (more…)

Megaphone and Portable PA Performance

Choosing the best megaphone is sort of like choosing the best car. “Best” can mean many different things to people, but is more meaningful only after narrowing down what’s most important to you.

Staying with the car example, if fuel economy is more important than the ability to haul lots of passengers, the logical choice would be for a two-door sub-compact instead of a 14-passenger van. Or if you wanted to drive at high speeds instead of navigating rough, non-paved roads then a low-slung sports car would be a better choice than a four-wheel drive truck with a high suspension. (more…)