BHSM Video and Drawing Contest Winners

Inspired by the Oscar award-winning movie “The King’s Speech,” contestants in ASHA’s Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) video  contest were challenged with depicting what it is like to be a person who has speaking or hearing difficulties and to show how important it is to understand how that person feels, and how to help them. (more…)

The Mighty Jackbox

How often have you found yourself with a class full of students whose abilities and learning styles were at the same level so all of your energies could be evenly spent throughout the class? Maybe only in the “perfect world” right? If you struggle to provide differentiated learning, how can you lead multiple groups at the same time? (more…)

What a Bit of Technology Can Do

Part of a continuing series of Califone guest bloggers.

I have three scenarios I often find difficult to deal with when teaching young English language learners. Scenario one is when I first walk into the room and try to motivate the children to choose to speak English. Scenario two occurs after the class ends. I gush to parents about how their children spoke and sang in English. Immediately, the parents ask the children a question in English and expect responses in English. I have yet to hear any of the children speak the English when put on the spot. Scenario three occurs when parents beg me to help their children with their pronunciation. (more…)

Safe Headphone Volume Controls

10th in a series about classroom headphones and headsets.

The sense of hearing is used as much as if not more than any of the other senses by students to learn in school. But at the same time, it is also the one which students must be taught how to listen properly with headphones in order to avoid damaging their hearing. From a very young age, we are presented with multiple stimuli that could adversely affect our hearing and this continues throughout our entire lives. This could not be truer than in a classroom environment where audio equipment is within reach of students of any age. What can be done to protect children’s hearing as much as possible before it is too late? (more…)