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PADM-525   $4.50

Unidirectional mic, ¼" plug
Learning Centers

1214AVPS-BL   $3.00

Visual Presentation

DVD50PLC   $95.00


SA-68   $2.00

Ear buds

1199   $6.00

Battery charger, charges 2 or 4 AA,AAA,C or D, also two 9-volt Ni-Cad or NiMH batteries

C-285   $2.00

Shoulder bag for PA285
photo n/a
Computer Peripherals

CW1 USB Webcam   $5.00

Built-in Microphone

AX-10 Stereo Connector Kit; $2.00

AX-11 Computer Microphone; $1.00

Attaches to Computer monitor

AX-14 Analog to Digital Audio Converter; $3.00

Analog to Digital Audio Converter
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How often is a smartphone or tablet used to support any type of group learning or presentations?
More than half of the time
About half of the time
About one-third of the time
About one-quarter of the time
Just starting to integrate and will be increasing use over time

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Come visit the Troxell booth to see the latest innovations in PA gear as well as headphones for 1:1 learning & SBAC uses.

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March 29th, 2015

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The United States Access Board, an independent federal agency whose primary mission is accessibility for people with disabilities, stated that acoustical performance is an important consideration in the design of classrooms. As many classrooms were built during a time when acoustics was not a significant concern, it is critical for administrators to consider the affects poor acoustics may have on student learning. Research shows that ambient noise and reverberation normally not noticed by adults can have a negative affect on learning environments for young children, as they require optimal conditions for listening and comprehension....[more]

We just launched a district wide distance learning program for our high school students with 20 courses taught by dedicated teachers in Pennsylvania. Since hosting a distance learning program requires quality headphones, we chose the Superior Stereo Headphones because we not only trusted the brand, but......[more]

We like the Listening First™ animal headphone series because the PreK-6 students can work on the computers without disturbing others....[more]

We are offering unprecedented bargains on limited quantities of these discontinued items. Available on a first come, first served basis...[view]