Chancellor Avenue School South Uses Headphones to Increase Success

Case Study:
Chancellor Avenue School South
Irvington, New Jersey

As the driver of curriculum, Stacey Love, the principal of Chancellor Avenue School South (CASS) in Irvington, N.J., is passionate about managing the educational progress of every K-5 student that passes through the school's doors. CASS is a newly created school in Irvington Township where there is a genuine commitment to the achievement of high academic standards for the student body.

The school uses Pearson's SuccessMaker® to help students improve achievement in language arts and reading. "We believe that having our students listen to text is an effective way to boost reading skills," Love said. "Our teachers used Califone products at their previous schools, and that encouraged us to look into the brand for our headphones."

To compliment the language arts and reading program, CASS administrators decided to purchase the Stereo Classroom Headphones from Califone.

The headphones were implemented into the school's computer lab, where each student is required to visit a minimum of twice a week to complete SuccessMaker activities. The Stereo Classroom Headphones from Califone are durable enough for long-time classroom use, meeting educators' standards for multimedia applications.

Ideal for classroom learning centers, reading and language learning activities, music appreciation classes, and listening to various multimedia assets, the headphones are very versatile. Available in beige or blueberry colors, the Stereo Classroom Headphones work with all computer systems and come with an adjustable headband with a comfort strap for extended use in a school environment.

Most important, these headphones are designed to support safe listening practices with around-ear ambient noise-reducing earcups that deliver maximum protection against exterior sounds (without added electronic circuitry and expense). These features reduce the need to increase the volume level, protecting the ears and helping keep students on task.

More than 90 percent of the school's students use the Pearson program and the headphones allow each student to follow along aurally, ultimately, improving academic achievement. CASS teachers participate in a balanced program that emphasizes differentiated instruction to meet the diversified needs of the school's students, and these types of programs in conjunction with high-quality technology help meet those needs.

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