University Learning Resource Center Gets Durable, Reliable Technology

Case Study:
Western Michigan University - CHHS
Kalamazoo, Michigan

As Manager of the College of Health and Human Services Learning Resource Center at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan., Margie Springer is always looking for durable technology.

The Learning Resource Center offers WMU students a virtual library and access to a variety of technologies, including computers, DVD players, instruments, instructional kits, videotapes, DVDs, and CDs. Students use the center for studying, preparing presentations, taking assessments, making copies, and more — all of which keeps staff busy helping students to find the information and tools they need.

Springer wanted to make sure her undergraduate and graduate students could listen to audio in groups or by themselves without bothering other students in the center. To address this need, the obvious answer was to purchase reliable and durable headphones.

"We researched many options, and found that many were too expensive. We wanted them to be high quality, but without the hefty price tag," Springer explained. "It also was important that the volume control was on each individual headphone. As students often listen to one computer, DVD player or tape recorder as a group, it is critical that each person can control their own volume for safety and comfort."

After researching various options and reviewing headphones at local public libraries, Springer decided to purchase the Califone Multimedia Stereo Headphones (3060AV).

The Multimedia Stereo Headphones are lightweight and fully adjustable, ideal for use in today's classrooms, computer labs, libraries, and listening centers. Available with an adjustable headband, the headphones are equipped with in-line volume control and replaceable ear cushions for sanitation. On-ear ambient noise-reducing earcups help diminish exterior sounds, reducing the need to increase the volume. These features help protect students' ears and keep them on task.

Students use the Califone headphones to research on the computer and for listening to content with DVD players and tape recorders. "Students like that they have individual control of the volume, and our speech students find them to be very helpful," said Springer. "We also are able to keep them sanitized easily, which is important when so many students come in and out of the resource center every day."

The Multimedia Stereo Headphones are used in 25 listening stations in the Learning Resource Center, which are connected to 25 computers. In addition, other units are available for use with personal computers, DVD players and tape players.

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