Norwich City School District Knows One Size Doesn't Fit All

Case Study:
Norwich City School District
Norwich City, New York

Located in rural upstate New York, Norwich City School District serves a community of more than 2,500 students, with its modern elementary school program serving more than 500 PreK-2 students. The district recently received a large grant for technology purchases, and with this money administrators wanted to ensure their students have access to the best technology available in order that they learn to "successfully collaborate and compete in a global society."

Providing PreK-1 students with technology that meets their specific needs, Betsy Brown, a member of the district's technology department, researched computer peripherals designed for younger learners.

"Technology is very important to our community. As an example, we just purchased electronic whiteboards for many of our classrooms. To boost digital literacy skills among our younger learners, we decided to purchase the Califone Kids Computer Packages," Brown said.

Helping early learners to become skilled computer users, the Kids Computer Package includes a Califone Kids Keyboard, a Mini Mouse and an award winning Listening First™ Stereo Headphone. Ideal for primary and special needs students, the Kids Computer Package offers developmentally appropriate equipment in vibrant, engaging colors.

The Kids Computer Package features the Kids Keyboard, which uses a color-coded layout to help beginning readers identify and locate the function, number, consonant, and vowel keys. Building their confidence as they learn writing and typing skills, the keyboard also introduces students to the standard QWERTY format and Microsoft Office Hot Keys, the icon-coded keys for Save, Print, Cut, Copy, Paste, and more.

To provide clear, high fidelity sound for a child's eardrums, the package also includes a Listening First Headphone. The headphones are equipped with appropriately sized earcups and adjustable headband for young students as they acquire listening, literacy and language skills.

Sized for younger students, the Mini Mouse is colored in a bright cherry-red to spark a child's curiosity. To keep students focused during computer activities, roller button functionality and optical tracking provide superior accuracy and ease-of-use.

"We love the small headphones as they actually fit our preschool students' heads and the price was very reasonable," Brown said.

The district placed the KIDSPACK computer peripherals in the elementary school's computer lab and throughout its PreK-1 classrooms. "We love the colors, which are eye-catching for young children, and the keyboard has an appropriate reach for young students with small hands," Brown said.

Educators, librarians and parents can create a high-quality computer-based learning center for preschool and elementary students using these peripherals. All three products feature rugged ABS plastic construction and reinforced connectors for durability and safety, while USB and PS2 connectors are included to ensure universal compatibility.

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