Jemez Valley Public School District Goes the Distance to Learn

Case Study:
Jemez Valley Public School District
Jemez, New Mexico

The United States Distance Learning Association defines distance learning as the acquisition of knowledge and skills through mediated information and instruction. Encompassing the use of technology to support learning, distance learning is used in all areas of education PreK-12, higher education, home schooling, continuing education, and more. And research comparing distance learning to traditional instruction shows that teaching from a distance can be as effective as traditional methods, when the techniques and technology used are appropriate to the lessons, collaborations and practice of assessment.

Delivering courses and virtual field trips are among the primary uses of distance learning in Pre-K through grade 12 settings. And, distance learning also is used to provide rural and inner city classes with a way to offer student enrichment, alternatives courses, and professional development for teachers and administrators they may have not been able to beforehand.

A small, rural school district where the majority of students do not have access to technology at home, Jemez Valley Public School District, north of Albuquerque, New Mexico, wanted to provide their students with new and different challenging course options. With limited resources within the community, JVSD decided to implement a distance learning program.

With the help of technology and support from school leadership, the district’s high school students can now choose from 20 courses taught by dedicated teachers in Pennsylvania, more than 1,800 miles away. Students meet in the library and participate over the Internet to take classes, such as pre-algebra and English literature.

In order to meet the criteria of hosting a distance learning program, the district needed quality headphones. “We chose the Superior Stereo Headphones from Califone because we not only trusted the brand, but also experience shows us that the equipment can handle the kids,” said Lisa Simpson, Systems Manager for the district.

Califone designed the Superior Stereo Headphones (SA-740) specifically for educational use. Providing clear sound with ear cups appropriate for children, the headphones are high-quality additions to music appreciation labs, ear training facilities, library listening centers and for distance learning programs.

Supporting the successful Our America: Tuned In Today...But Tuned Out Tomorrow? campaign ( from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), the Superior Stereo Headphones are designed with ambient-noise-reducing earcups to ensure safe use as they acquire listening, literacy and language skills. The campaign recommends three guidelines to help students use audio technology responsively: lower the volume, limit listening time, and upgrade to ambient-noise-reducing headphones.

The around-ear ambient noise-reducing earcups also deliver maximum protection against exterior sounds (without added electronic circuitry and expense), which reduces the need to increase the volume (protecting the ears) and helps to keep students on task.

In addition, Jemez Valley Public School District is also using the headphones for its reading intervention program. “We are using the headphones with programs that address the needs of students who are advanced and for those who may need additional help with their work,” Simpson said.

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