Califone understands the relationship between headphones and early education.

We did when we introduced headphones into elementary schools in the 1950s. We did with the first headphone listening station in 1961. We did when we launched the first kid-sized headphones and headsets the award-winning Listening First series. And we still do as we were the first to launch the first headphones and headsets with USB and To Go plugs in order to connect with mobile devices.

Whether they're learning to read or reading to learn, bright and colorful headphones can make the lesson that much more engaging. For longer lasting value, look behind the sizzle. No other audio manufacturer has demonstrated the industry-leading commitment to safety and durability for as long.

We urge specifiers & buyers to make certain:

Your perspective classroom headphones are back by a commercial-grade warranty instead of one offered for consumers (hint the warranty on products sold for the less demanding, less frequent home use is voided in schools).

Your child-sized headset is made with ABS plastic instead of the weaker, less expensive materials used in typical consumer models. Think of the difference between how regular glass and tempered glass react if they should break. Now think of young kids being, well, young kids.

Does the headphone really fit younger students? Does the company offer adjustable headbands and earcups for different aged /sized students?