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We are proud to introduce our line of protective headphones and earplugs designed to safeguard students, staff, and faculty against potentially damaging loud noises such as those in industrial arts areas. Some campuses have ongoing construction that makes noise reduction headphones a practical safety item for physical plant staff.

Q: Don't we lose our hearing as we age?
Q: We work in a dusty, dirty place. Should I worry that our ears will get infected by using earplugs?
Q: Can you hear warning sounds, such as backup beeps, when wearing hearing protectors?
Q: Won't hearing protectors interfere with our ability to hear important sounds our machinery and equipment make?
Q: Will we be able to hear each other talk when wearing hearing protectors?
Q: How long does it take to get used to hearing protectors?
Q: How long can someone be in a loud noise before it's hazardous?
Q: How can I tell if a noise situation is too loud?
Q: How often should your hearing be tested?

Source: Noise and Hearing Loss, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health link to site

Additional Information: Occupational Safety and Health Administration; on Noise link to site

Learn more about preventing noise-induced hearing loss. link to site

I feel confident my district is taking the necessary steps to meet PARCC's new headset requirement for the 2016-2017 Speaking and Listening testing session. 
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