Listen to the Sound of Active Learning!

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Califone headphones and headsets are built to deliver auditory information for use in individual sound fields, hearing systems and assistive listening centers by teachers, speech pathologists and students in K-12 classrooms, Title 1 programs, assessments, libraries and other school uses. Califone offers a full line of monaural headphones for audio supplements for beginning readers, language learning, listening centers, bilingual and special education uses. Our stereo headphones offer higher fidelity hearing for educational technology and computer lab applications.

Whether the audio is channeled from a boom box, CD / cassette / DVD player, computer or one of our wireless transmitters, Califone begins with durability and safety. All of our headphones and headsets are made with rugged ABS plastic. They also feature adjustable headbands with a comfortable leatherette wrap around tempered steel. The entry point from the cord into the earcup has a double reinforcement to prevent pull out. In addition, the wiring inside the headband and earphones is recessed so nothing can be pulled out. The earcups on most models have slotted baffles (compared to just foam found on consumer models) to protect the internal speaker cones from accidental puncturing by a sharp object. Our ambient noise-reducing earcups also help keep students on task by blocking external sounds (which also reduces the need to increase the volume too high.)

Concerned about health issues? So are we. That's why the ear pads on most headphones can be easily replaced. Dedicated headphones with their own labeled bags are also available. Ever considered the difference a properly designed cord makes? Califone has by offering three choices of cords down to properly designing one style which is coiled only in the middle, not on the ends so it won't tangle with other cords at the junction point of a jackbox. And on the subject of cords, Califone offers a wider variety of attachment types than any other audiovisual school supplier. Most of our models come with 3.5mm plug and a ¼" connector for additional flexibility and Califone also offers three headsets with a USB connector to help teachers integrate technology standards into their classrooms.