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Califone® jackboxes are the most cost-effective way for educators to expand the number of students who can participate in small group sound field activities. Whether creating groups of 2 or more, these jackboxes ensure that each student can use a headphone to listen and read along with the rest of the class and not be left behind. Whether the classroom technology utilizes a ¼" plug from a boombox or the need is to stream audio from a computer through a USB port and capture verbal responses, Califone® offers a variety of stereo and monaural jackboxes that meet the demands of growing classroom sizes, including 3 brightly colored jackboxes that will appeal to younger listeners.

In an environment where group activities prove to be efficient methods of teaching, it’s critical to create an atmosphere where students feel comfortable working in teams or can gain confidence following along with others at their same level of reading. Setting up groups with Califone® jackboxes is an integral part of achieving improved reading skills and language learning. Selecting the proper jackbox best-suited for the tasks at hand is an important part of that process. The following descriptions will help you determine which jackbox can best satisfy your needs, whether it be a stereo jackbox used in conjunction with a Califone® media player, a monaural jackbox coupled with a cassette player/recorder or a USB jackbox connected to a computer.

Some of the most common equipment used in classrooms today are CD players and MP3 players. When lesson plans call for grouping students together to work on a joint project, combining these media players with stereo jackboxes facilitates that task.

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