For many students hearing is the fastest route to understanding

Califone group learning centers support auditory learners in customized learning situations ranging from classroom-wide audio amplification for K-12 schools and adult learners to wireless assisted listening, hearing systems and personalized sound fields. Monaural centers are invaluable in schools to provide audio modeling in speech language, special education, literacy, bilingual, ESL reading situations and can help teachers address the five reading skills identified by No Child Left Behind and Reading First! - phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary and comprehension. Califone stereo listening centers are often used in higher fidelity applications such as multimedia and technology-oriented computer and ed tech applications, music appreciation classes and even wireless listening.

A commonly used teaching tool, our powered (media player supplied) centers are available with your choice of CD, cassette, boombox or DVD player as well as wired or wireless options. Califone non-powered (package includes audio jackbox and headphones without media player) centers connect with your own player to transmit auditory information.