Serious Budget-Stretching Tools

The versatility of the headphones and headsets in this category is their size - enabling them to be potentially used in multiple age groups. Younger or smaller students find them more accessible, while older students like not feeling weighed down.

Since student safety is important, these models are also made with ABS plastic.

Using less material than some of their counterparts, these models are generally lighter than full-sized alternatives and help stretch budgets just a little further.

Some find the smaller, more lightweight size to be preferable for extended wearing. The on-ear earcups enable the listener to be more alert to exterior sounds.

Most of these models are headphones (for listening only), but there are some that also come with a microphone for capturing verbal responses. There?s even a model that comes with its own bag for labeling, so it can be assigned to a single student for any hygiene concerns.