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CW1   02/21/2011
USB Webcam

3060AVS-12   01/27/2011
Multimedia Stereo Headphone Classroom Pack

3064USB-10   01/27/2011
Multimedia Stereo Headsets Classroom Pack

3066USB-10   01/27/2011
Deluxe Stereo Headset Classroom Pack

WT1   01/11/2011
Wireless Tablet Interface

HPK-1000   12/08/2010
Titanium™ Series Headphone

HPK-1010   12/08/2010
Titanium™ Series Headset

HPK-1020   12/08/2010
Titanium™ Series Headphone

HPK-1030   12/08/2010
Titanium™ Series Headset

HPK-1040   12/08/2010
Titanium™ Series Headphone

HPK-1050   12/08/2010
Titanium™ Series Headset

2395IRPLC-6   08/23/2010
6-Person Infrared Music Maker Learning Center

HIR-HP1   08/23/2010
Infrared Stereo/Mono Headphone

HIR-KT1   08/23/2010
Infrared Stereo/Mono Headphone with transmitter

HIR-KT4   08/23/2010
4-Person Infrared Stereo/Mono Headphones with transmitter

WS-CK1   08/20/2010
Wireless Upgrade Package

PHT15   08/09/2010
Paging Horn

KIDSPACK   06/23/2010
Kids Computer Peripheral Package

WS-T   06/07/2010
Wireless Audio System Transmitter

WS-R   06/07/2010
Wireless Audio System Receiver

WS-CR   06/07/2010
Cradle for Wireless Transmitter or Receiver

WS-CH   06/07/2010
Wireless Audio System Charger

WS-CHP   06/07/2010
Power adapter for charger

WS-CS12   06/07/2010
Wireless Audio System Case

WS-TG10   06/07/2010
10-Person Tour Group System

WS-AL10   06/07/2010
10-Person Assistive Listening System

2455AV-04   06/02/2010
Performer Plus™

DC596   04/26/2010
Diggiditto™ Smart Document Camera

DVD110   03/23/2010
Deluxe DVD Player

CD102   03/12/2010
Personal CD Player

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The United States Access Board, an independent federal agency whose primary mission is accessibility for people with disabilities, stated that acoustical performance is an important consideration in the design of classrooms. As many classrooms were built during a time when acoustics was not a significant concern, it is critical for administrators to consider the affects poor acoustics may have on student learning. Research shows that ambient noise and reverberation normally not noticed by adults can have a negative affect on learning environments for young children, as they require optimal conditions for listening and comprehension....[more]