Califone Wins Best in Show for PA419-02 Portable Bluetooth PA
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New Products

CD102-PLC   03/12/2010
4-Person Portable CD Learning Center

PA20R   03/09/2010

PA25R   03/09/2010

PA8   03/09/2010

2800BL-12   02/16/2010
Listening First™ Headphone Pack

2810-12   02/16/2010
Listening First™ Headphone Pack (Animal Theme)

3060AV-12   02/16/2010
Multimedia Stereo Headphone Classroom Pack

1886   01/13/2010
Spirit™ SD Multimedia Player/Recorder

1886PLC   01/13/2010
4-Person Spirit™ SD Stereo Listening Center

1886PLC-6   01/13/2010
6-Position Spirit™ SD Stereo Listening Center

3066AV-10   01/05/2010
Classroom Ten-Pack Deluxe Stereo Headsets

2924AVP-12   04/19/2009
Deluxe Mono Headphone Classroom Pack

2924AVPS-12   04/19/2009
Deluxe Stereo Headphone Classroom Pack

NM319   02/17/2009
Neck Mic

HBM319   02/17/2009
Headset Microphone

CM319   02/17/2009
Flexible Collar Microphone

OE319   02/17/2009
Over-ear mic

M319   02/17/2009
Transmitter Beltpack

LM319   02/17/2009
Electret Lapel Microphone

Q319   02/17/2009
Handheld Wireless Microphone

HS10   02/13/2009
Hearing Safe™ Foam Earplugs

HS20   02/13/2009
Hearing Safe™ Foam Earplugs

HS40   02/13/2009
Hearing Safe™ Hearing Protector

HS5   02/13/2009
Hearing Safe™ Foam Earplugs

HS50   02/13/2009
Hearing Safe™ Hearing Protector

HS60   02/13/2009
Hearing Safe™ Hearing Protector

2800EC   07/24/2008
Disposable Earcup Covers

2924EC   07/24/2008
Disposable Earcup Covers

3060EC   07/24/2008
Disposable Earcup Covers

2985PG   06/20/2008
Sound Alert™ Stereo Headphone

What is the most important function of a boombox for you today?
Bluetooth connectivity
Docking station for powering a smartphone
Plays CDs
Play Cassettes
Plays from USB

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March 23rd, 2017

2017 Catalog

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While a classroom amplification system is not a matter of technology integration or technology literacy, it clearly represents a technology solution that provides an optimal learning condition in the classroom. There is an abundance of independent research that shows the need for amplification in the K-12 classroom, both for hearing-impaired students and students with normal hearing. That research is clear, consistent, and conclusive....[more]

We purchased the PowerPro system for immediate use at our fundraising auction.

We are located in a ranch/field type of setting and with 400+ people attending this function it was important for everyone to hear announcements, the Director's speech and our auction results.

It was so easy to......[more]

The 2395IR infrared media player and the 34B-IR infrared headphones are used in our Nursery class for the development of listening skills....[more]