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PowerPro — Powerful enough to be heard by 1,000 people
Bluetooth PowerPro
Bluetooth PowerPro

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Portable Bluetooth PA — For up to 300 people
PresentationPro — For up to 300 people
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PA Pro™ — For up to 150 people
PA Pro™ PA11
PA Pro™ PA11

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If you're unfamiliar with how to operate a portable PA or its functions, click here to read our "How To" series on portable PA gear.

Califone presentation systems offer installed or mobile, audio and visual amplification solutions for K-12 teachers, houses of worship, hotels, meeting facilities and equipment rental businesses. Versatile enough for classroom uses and addressing school assemblies, athletic events and larger groups our portable AV products will make sure messages are clearly communicated and heard with a range of power and features like built-in UHF receivers for two wireless hands-free presenters at the same time. Because best of all, a clearly audible, actively moving, close-up presenter holds students' attention more fully and for longer periods of time.

Intergrating technology into audio presentations couldn't be simpler and faster either. With transmitters to add a limitless number of wireless companion speakers, these flexible AC and battery-powered PA products send audio from multiple simultaneous presenters, LCD projectors, CD and cassette players and computers and other media players without requiring the know-how of an audio expert.

After a long and tiring day of speaking to groups of people, do you ever feel like something just has to give? Unfortunately for many, what gives out is their voice. How best to counter that you ask? Califone® provides just the solution with personal PA systems that presenters can use to lessen the strain on their voices. Relatively smaller in size than what most perceive PA systems to be, these systems project the perfect amount of sound so your audience can always hear you loud and clear.

PA Pro™
Sometimes lugging a large PA system isn’t as feasible in certain situations. For that very reason, the Califone® PA Pro™ exists. As a portable, wireless, 10-watt PA system, its built-in handle and small, lightweight construction makes it easy for anyone to carry and move from place to place. Whether transporting it from classrooms to field trips, the 100’ transmission range this speaker has will ensure you can be heard clearly from a far distance. It includes its own belt-pack transmitter and the LM319 lapel microphone to free up your hands so you can accomplish the tasks at hand without limitations. The transmitter and lapel mic store easily in the back to handily keep everything together in one place. You have a choice between two different frequencies so there is no interference when more than one speaker is in use at the same time.

The Califone® VoiceSaver™ PA speakers pack a loud punch considering they’re small enough to be clipped onto your belt. You have your pick between the 2-watt PA-282 or the 5-watt PA-285 speaker and both provide optimum voice projection so you don’t strain your voice more than necessary or cause further harm to an already sore throat. Use them on a tripod or walk freely about a classroom or lecture hall and you’ll quickly feel relief from no longer having to force your voice to be louder than what’s comfortable for you. Both come with the new HBM319 headset that rests securely on your head so you have nothing to worry about except focusing on what you want your audience to hear.

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