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Listening First™
Stereo Headsets

Help your beginning reader succeed with their read-alongs with this Listening First classroom headset. Purpose built for younger students and loaded with added safety features, these engaging headsets are ideal for language activities on computers and mobile-based learning with iOS & Android-based smartphones and tablets. Its USB plug makes it a reliable choice for testing to meet English Language Arts (ELA) requirements within the Common Core State Standards.

  • Adjustable headband for personalized fit
  • Smaller overall headband to fit younger children
  • Rugged ABS plastic construction for classroom safety
  • Permanently attached 5.5' straight cord with reinforced "strain" relief connection resists accidental pull out
  • Flexible electret microphone
  • Ambient noise-reducing earcups lower outside noise so volume does not need to be as high for hearing safety, keeps students more on task
  • Protective slotted baffles inside the earcups cover the speakers and help prevent accidental damage from prying fingers & foreign objects
  • iOS, Windows, Android compatible
  • Three-year warranty for school use - unlike headsets purchased at consumer electronics stores whose warranties would be voided if used in schools

This headset has multiple plug choices to fit a variety of devices. Make sure your selected headset has the right compatible plug to fit the intended audio source.


MSRP $25.75

Blue Color
w/ Dual 3.5mm plugs

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MSRP $25.75

Blue Color
w/ To Go™ 3.5mm plug

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MSRP $268.80

Blue 12 Pack w/o case

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MSRP $25.75

Red Color
w/ Dual 3.5mm plugs

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MSRP $25.75

Red Color
w/ To Go™ 3.5mm plug

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MSRP $25.75

Yellow Color
w/ Dual 3.5mm plugs

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MSRP $25.75

Yellow Color
w/ 3' cord and
To Go™ 3.5mm plug

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MSRP $49.90

Blue Color
w/ USB plug

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MSRP $609.60

Blue 12 Pack w/o case

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MSRP $49.90

Red Color
w/ USB plug

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MSRP $49.90

Yellow Color
w/ USB plug

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MSRP $49

Black Color
w/ USB plug

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MSRP $25.75

Black Color
w/ To Go™ 3.5mm plug

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35CE Adapter
MSRP $3.90

Headphone/headset with a
single 3.5mm plug.

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2800yl-av lifestyle 13
2800tbk 400
2800bl-av girl
35CE To Go™ plug adapter
Group Shot (USB)Blended Learning
2800BL-AVBlended Learning
2800RD-AVBlended Learning
2800YL-AVBlended Learning
dual 35mm plug
Dual 3.5mm plugs
2800-BLTBlended Learning
2800-RDTBlended Learning
2800-YLTBlended Learning
2800TBKBlended Learning
To Go™ Plug
2800BL-USBBlended Learning
2800RD-USBBlended Learning
2800BK-USBBlended Learning
2800YL-USBBlended Learning
2800BLAV-12LBlended Learning
2800BLUSB-12LBlended Learning
usb plug
USB plug
Slotted baffles
Solid-Colored Listening First Headsets
  • 35CE To Go™ plug adapter
  • Group Shot (USB)
  • 2800BL-AV
  • 2800RD-AV
  • 2800YL-AV
  • Dual 3.5mm plugs
  • 2800-BLT
  • 2800-RDT
  • 2800-YLT
  • 2800TBK
  • To Go™ Plug
  • 2800BL-USB
  • 2800RD-USB
  • 2800BK-USB
  • 2800YL-USB
  • 2800BLAV-12L
  • 2800BLUSB-12L
  • USB plug
  • Slotted baffles
  • Solid-Colored Listening First Headsets
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Electret Microphone
Sensitivity-46dB ± 3dB at 1kHz
Frequency Response10 - 10KHz
SPL113 db +/- 3db
Voltage2 V standard, 10 V maximum
Cone30mm Mylar
Impedance32 Ohms each side+/-15%
Frequency Response20 - 20KHz
SPL113 db +/- 3db, 3 dB R/L output difference
Rating Input40 mw
Sensitivity98dB ± 3dB at 1kHz
Volume Control(2800BL-AV, 2800RD-AV, 2800YL-AV)

(2800BL-USB, 2800RD-USB, 2800YL-USB)
Inline on cord
Plug(2800BL-AV, 2800RD-AV, 2800YL-AV)
Dual 3.5mm, nickel-plated stereo plugs Red - Microphone, Black - headphone

(2800BL-USB, 2800RD-USB, 2800YL-USB)
Backwards compatible USB 2.0 plug

(2800-BLT, 2800-YLT, 2800-RDT)
3.5mm To Go™ plug
Cord5.5 feet, straight cord
ColorBlue, red, yellow
HeadbandAdjustable, polypropylene
EarcupsNoise-reducing, ABS plastic for durability
EarpadsFoam-filled PVC
Computer Compatibility(2800BL-USB, 2800RD-USB, 2800YL-USB)
Mac and Windows-based
Mobile Devices(2800BL-USB, 2800RD-USB, 2800YL-USB)
OS & Android-based smartphones and tablets including the iPad, Transformer Tab, Fire HD, Nexus 7, Surface, Kuno 3, Unobook, Kineo, Iconia Tabs, Galaxy, Viewsonic
Weight(Single headset weight)
9.6 ounces, shipping weight 1 lb.

(2800BLAV-12L & 2800BLUSB-12L)
9.6 oz, each, total shipping weight 8 lbs.
Commercial Warranty3 years, covering use in schools
Updated on: 9/1/2014
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable
“We decided to purchase the Deluxe Multimedia Stereo Headsets (3066-USB)
(as part of a district-wide program) because we liked that they easily
connect to the computer - just plug and play”
Delfina Rodriguez
District ELL Intervention Program Coordinator
Glendale Elementary School District (GESD)
Glendale, Arizona

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