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Disposable Earcup Covers

These protective earpad covers are ideal accessories for headphones and headsets which are frequently shared by students in high use school settings such as 21st Century classroom listening centers, libraries, computer labs or media centers, and in ELL and ELD activities.

The earpad covers are made from 100% polyester fiber, so they are hypoallergenic and are also disposable. The earpad covers fully enclose the ear cushions of a headphone or headset, helping to keep them clean and improve hygiene. The soft earpad covers also help deflect perspiration from the ear, making them more comfortable in hot, humid conditions without affecting the overall sound quality. Since the wearers are no longer in direct contact with the vinyl ear cushions, many will find using the earpad covers to be more comfortable, and are more likely to stay on task.

These protective covers are slightly larger than their 2800EC counterparts and are designed to be used with all of the Califone 2924 series, 3068AV, SA-740, the wireless series of CLS headphones, the Sound Alert™ headphones, 3066AV and 3066-USB headsets. The elastic edging of the earpad covers enables them to easily fit on other headphones with an earcup diameter from 2.2” to 3.7”.

MSRP $22

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Package of 24 (12 pairs)

Headphones (Wired)

Material100% polyester fiber
SizeThe elastic edging of the 2924EC enables them to fit on headphones with an earcup diameter from 2.2” to 3.7"
Quantity24 units (12 pairs)
WeightShipping weight 1 lb. for package
Updated on: 1/28/13
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable
“I bought the 2810-series Listening First™ headphones for the books on tape that my Kindergartener uses at home.”
Susan Kashaf
Guilford, CT

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Q: What is the part number for the ear cushions for the 3068AV headphone and how can they be purchased?