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Deluxe Multimedia
Stereo Headsets

Our most rugged headset, the 3066 Deluxe Multimedia Stereo headset is designed for small group or independent learning in computer labs, online or in classrooms and libraries.

The 3066 offers ambient noise-reducing, over-ear earcups to help students stay more on task while minimizing the need to increase the volume for hearing protection. Its noise-reducing boom microphone is ideal for vocal recordings and is the recommended headset by leading reading programs. The individual volume control gives students a comfortable and customized sound experience that's valuable for sustained practice in literacy or language programs and help support the ELA requirements within the Common Core State Standards.

Connection choices include dual 3.5mm plugs or a USB plug. Also available is a single 3.5mm To Go™ plug that's compatible with iOS, Windows & Android-based smartphones, tablets and other devices including iPad®, iPhone®, iPod®, Galaxy, Kindle Fire HD® and Nook® to support 1:1 computing, differentiated instruction and 21st century mobile learning. The Deluxe Multimedia Stereo headset is built using durable ABS plastic to withstand shattering into potentially sharp and dangerous shards, unlike items made for less frequent consumer use, whose materials don't stand up to the rigors of repeated use in classrooms.

The Deluxe Multimedia Headset is available in packages with or without a storage case.

  • Durable ABS plastic earcups
  • In-line volume control
  • Adjustable, padded headband with replaceable foam-filled ear cushions
  • Around-ear ambient noise-reducing earcups deliver maximum protection against exterior sounds (without added electronic circuitry and expense). This reduces the need to increase the volume (protecting the ears) and helps keep students on task.

This headset has multiple plug choices to fit a variety of devices. Make sure your selected headset has the right compatible plug to fit the intended audio source.

MSRP $44.20

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w/ 3.5mm To Go plug
for tablets & smartphones

MSRP $422.20

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10 Pack w/o case
w/ 3.5mm To Go plug
for tablets & smartphones

MSRP $55.00

w/ USB plug

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MSRP $57.00

Black w/ USB plug

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MSRP $49.50

Black w/ To Go™ plug

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MSRP $613

10 Pack w/ case
w/ USB plug

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MSRP $49.50

w/ Dual 3.5mm plugs

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MSRP $550

10 Pack w/ case
w/ Dual 3.5mm plugs

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MSRP $445.20

10 Pack w/o case
w/ Dual 3.5mm plugs

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35CE Adapter
MSRP $3.90

Headphone/headset with a
single 3.5mm plug.

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3066avt lifestyle2 12
3066 lifestyle 13
3066avt lifestyle 12
3066 lifestyle
3066USBBlended Learning
3066USB-BKBlended Learning
usb plug
3066USB plug
3066AVBlended Learning
dual 35mm plug
3066AV plug
3066AVTBlended Learning
3066BKTBlended Learning
to go plug
3066AVT plug
3066AV-10Blended Learning
3066AVT-10LBlended Learning
3066USB-10Blended Learning
35CE To Go™ plug adapter
Deluxe Multimedia Stereo Headsets
  • 3066USB
  • 3066USB-BK
  • 3066USB plug
  • 3066AV
  • 3066AV plug
  • 3066AVT
  • 3066BKT
  • 3066AVT plug
  • 3066AV-10
  • 3066AVT-10L
  • 3066USB-10
  • 35CE To Go™ plug adapter
  • Deluxe Multimedia Stereo Headsets
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Speaker40mm Mylar
MagnetFerrite Cobalt
Impedance(3066AV & 3066AVT)
25 Ohms ± 15% each side
Frequency Response20-20,000 Hz
Sensitivity107dB SPL ± 3dB at 1kHz
InputMin. input 20 milliwatts, max. 30 milliwatts
R/L Output Diff3 dB
Input Connection(3066AV & 3066AVT)
3.5mm, black jacketed, nickel plated stereo

Backwards compatible USB 2.0 plug
Earcup / EarpadNoise reducing ABS plastic, leatherette
Cord(3066AV & 3066USB)
7' straight, attached volume control

3' with 3.5mm To Go plug
TypeElectret condensor
Sensitivity-41dB, standard -38dB, max -35dB
Frequency Response20-16,000 Hz
Impedance1,500 Ohms ± 15%
Operating VoltageNominal +3V; accepts 1.5V-10V
Output Connection(3066AV)
3.5mm, red jacketed, nickel plated stereo

3' with 3.5mm To Go plug

Backwards compatible USB 2.0 plug
Weight(3066AV & 3066AVT)
14 ounces, shipping weight 2 lbs.

(3066AV-10L & 3066AVT-10L)
14 ounces, shipping weight 10 lbs.

12 ounces, shipping weight 2 lbs.
Commercial Warranty3 Year Warranty update
Updated on: 8/24/15
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“I bought the 3066USB headsets to listen online and repeat words and phrases learned for my college-level Spanish language practice.”
Sandtra Lenois
South University
Toquerville, UT

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