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Switchable Stereo/Mono Headphones & Stereo Headsets

The Switchable Stereo/Mono 3068AV delivers performance at an economical price for teachers who are using a blended learning approach that mixes face-to-face instruction time with personal digital learning. Ideal for use with listening centers and in libraries, this headphone is designed to give maximum flexibility so K-12 students can easily move from the monaural content of ELL/ELD activities and speech pathology uses to the stereo requirements of computers, gaming, online learning, music appreciation classes and 21st century learning using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. External distractions are kept to a minimum with ambient noise-reducing earcups for hearing protection that feature individual volume control. The headband is adjustable and like the earcups is cushioned for comfort. A ¼” adapter is included for use with cassette players and monaural jackboxes.

  • Mono/Stereo switch for language and computer applications
  • Dual volume controls on each earcup for comfort
  • Rugged ABS plastic headstrap and earcups resist breakage in high-use situations
  • Replaceable padded leatherette ear cushions
  • Snap-on adapter with dual plug sizes fits any media player
  • Noise-reducing earcup lowers ambient noise so volume does not need to be as high, as recommended by audiologists for hearing safety

Stereo Headsets

MSRP $21.00

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3068-style headset with boom mic,
6' straight cord, inline volume control,
single 3.5mm 4-pin plug

MSRP $169.00

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10 units 3068-style headset with boom mic,
6' straight cord, inline volume control,
single 3.5mm 4-pin plug”

MSRP $26.50

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3068-style headset with boom mic,
6' straight cord, inline volume control,
USB plug”

Stereo Headphones

MSRP $19.50

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Switchable stereo/mono,
3.5mm plug with 1/4” snap-on adapter

MSRP $191.60

10 Pack w/o case

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MSRP $300.60

12 Pack w/ case

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Headphones (Wired)

3068av lifestyle 12
3068av lifestyle 11
3068av lifestyle 12a
3068av lifestyle2 12a
3068av lifestyle3 12a
3068av lifestyle4 12a
3068av lifestyle5 12a
3068MT Stereo Headset 3.5 plugBlended Learning
3068MT Stereo Headset USB plugBlended Learning
3068AVBlended Learning
3068-12Blended Learning
3068AV-10LBlended Learning
3068 Series Headsets
  • 3068MT Stereo Headset 3.5 plug
  • 3068MT Stereo Headset USB plug
  • 3068AV
  • 3068-12
  • 3068AV-10L
  • 3068 Series Headsets
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Transducers40mm Mylar dome driver unit
Impedance36 Ohms each side
Sensitivity98dB ± 3dB at 1kHz
Volume ControlDual controls on ear cups
Plug3.5mm mini plug with snap-on 1/4 inch adapter
Cord10 foot, coiled cord
HeadbandAdjustable, padded headband
EarcupsNoise-reducing, ABS plastic for durability
Ear CushionsFoam-filled leatherette
9.6 ounces, shipping weight 1 lb.

9.6 oz each, total shipping weight 8 lbs.
Warranty2 years for use in school, business, church and government facilities
Updated on: 2/11/15
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable
“I have 24 student station computers and with the 3068AV headphones, our K-6 students can all work individually without disrupting each other.”
Karen Thompson
Computer Teacher
Arkansas Baptist Elementary
Little Rock, AR

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