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Magnetic Card
Activities Kit

The AK-1000 Magnetic Card Activities Kit is designed for educators who provide differentiated learning for K-6 students by creating their own card sets for literacy, ESL/ELD, language learning and special Ed activities.

It includes a “Learning with Magnetic Card Activities” instruction book, markers, stickers, and 100 blank magnetic cards that can be used to make and record customized word and picture card programs. Students can then use the recorded cards with the Califone CAR2020 CardMaster™ card reader (not included) to link visible letters and words with the sounds they hear played back through the card reader.

This repeated, multi-modal, kinesthetic, visual and auditory reinforcement helps solidify mental connections between the written and spoken word and is a useful teaching tool for assessment and literacy training.

  • Suitable for K-6 students and Special Education classes
  • Instruction book “Learning with Magnetic Card Activities”
  • Markers & stickers included
  • 100 Blank magnetic cards

MSRP $77

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Updated on: 4/2/13
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