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Analog to Digital Audio Converter

Maintain the usefulness of 3.5mm plug equipped headsets by connecting them with the Analog to Digital Audio Converter to enjoy the full advantages of high speed internet connectivity with all audio files.

  • USB plug helps language learning, voice recognition, games or listening to MP3 files
  • Mic input eliminates the need for a sound card and is Windows/Mac compatible
  • Phone plug input upgrades existing analog headphones takes full advantage of broadband streaming media
  • Reinforced strain relief connector won’t pull out
  • Use with seperate mic and headphone or headset

MSRP $42

Computer Peripherals

  • AX-14
System RequirementsUSB 1 port
Windows XP / ME / 2000 / NT / 98SE
Mac OS 9.1 or higher
SafetyCE approved safe for use in schools,
churches, business and government facilities
Dimensions1.75" W x 3.125" L x 0.5" H
Weight2 ounces, shipping weight 1lb.
WarrantyFor school/business uses for 1 year from
purchase date
Updated on: 7/27/12
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable
“We're outfitting our new library and wanted appropriately sized equipment in kid-friendly colors for our students. "Kids Keyboard" and "Mini Mice" met our needs and also fit in perfectly with the color scheme.”
David Fulkerson
Spring Hill, TN

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Q: I am trying to connect my 3064AV headset to the USB port on my MAC using a USB connector but can’t get it to work. What can I do?