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WiFi Microscope

Facilitiating STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), the WiFi Microscope enables small or large group participation with its ability to wirelessly sync to nearby devices.

p>This Wifi Microscope allows for real-time sharing of documents or other classroom learning materials. It transmits the live image up to 30’ for display on up to three iOS or Android devices at one time.

p>The CM2W also helps understanding the 6 NETS (National Educational Technology Standards) goals.

  • Manual focusing from 4” to infinity
  • Snapshot button
  • Built-in 6-piece White-light LED with illumination adjustable to ensure the magnified image is clear and bright
  • Supports up to 3 devices at one time
  • Live Streaming, snapshot, record video by app
  • Hardware snapshot button for instantly saving image
  • Broadcast up to 30'
  • Broadcast up 3 iOS/Android devices
  • Active pixel technology for sharp image and accurate color reproduction

MSRP $767.80

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Computer Peripherals

  • CM2W Wifi Microscope
Updated on: 6/19/2015
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable
“We're outfitting our new library and wanted appropriately sized equipment in kid-friendly colors for our students. "Kids Keyboard" and "Mini Mice" met our needs and also fit in perfectly with the color scheme.”
David Fulkerson
Spring Hill, TN

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