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Smart Document Camera

The Diggiditto document camera serves as a research, presentation, and audio video content development tool to engage students in whole class project-based learning. It assists teachers in personalizing instruction for differentiated learning as well as in assessing student performance and guide instruction by capturing student data. While it includes all of the hardware features you'd expect from a leading document camera, when linked to a computer, its proprietary software enables you to record lessons as movies (wmv files), recognize images and link sounds. This allows playback of student- or teacher-created presentations and tutorials and delivers the ability to Skype™ for distance, blended, and flipped classroom learning environments. Creating presentations gives students the ability to gather and synthesize information in order to share with others, which is the focus of Speaking & Listening standard #5 in the Common Core.

With its adjustable mounting stand, the DC596 has a small footprint and uses a USB connection for computer compatibility. It's also Windows compatible and works with Mac video teleconferencing applications such as iChat, Skype, iSight. In partnership with GradeCam™, Califone offers a free 6-month trial of specialized software that enables teachers to quickly and effectively assess and record student performance. The GradeCam software instantly enters the data into electronic gradebooks that teachers are already using saving them a significant amount of time over the school year.

  • Detachable camera with internal microphone for audio video recording
  • USB connection for computer compatability and can be then projected onto a screen, TV, electronic whiteboard or PDP screen in real time
  • Easily adjustable mounting stand with a small footprint for desktop uses
  • Windows 7 compatible

Mac Users
The DC596 works with Mac video teleconferencing applications such as:
iChat, Skype, iSight.

Here are links to some other programs that can work with the DC596 with Macs.
myDiary for Mac
SiteCam for Mac
uGrabIt for Mac


MSRP $739.60

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dc596 lifestyle 13
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dc596 handheld
DC596Blended Learning
  • DC596
  • Watch Video
Operating SystemCompatible with Windows XP / VISTA / and
Windows 7 & 8 (64-bit and 32-bit), software
v 1.4.0
Digital FunctionsAutomatic focus & brightness adjustment to lighting conditions (no internal light is necessary), zoom, image stop, rotate, movement, recording, image capture, horizontal/vertical mirror
Camera Sensor1/4" auto focus CMOS sensor
ResolutionUXGA 5MB (2592x1944) full scale
Lens/Diagonalf 2.6, 8 cm ~ 65.1°
Zoom6x optical
Brightness & ColorAuto/Manual
Video30 fps @ 320 x 240, 24 fps@ 640x480
InterfaceUSB 2.0
IncludesCamera with mic, Support stand, Storage
case, Program CD, Manual
Weight4 lbs., shipping weight
WarrantyFor use in school, church, government and
business facilities for 2 years from purchase
Updated on: 12/18/2014
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable
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