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Discovery™ Headsets

The Discovery™ series of professional-grade headsets are engineered for heavy-duty educational and testimonial uses. They're used by students in K-12 classrooms and labs for language learning, read alongs, science, math and gaming activities.

Since developing critical listening skills that lead to critical thinking skills is a major objective of the Common Core standards, the Discovery headsets have a built-in noise cancelling dynamic or electret microphone with voice recognition software which allows for vocal response recordings so students can listen to the playback for feedback and to check their progress. With a variety of connecting plug choices, they're compatible with smartphones and tablets, most computers and media players.

Discovery headsets are remarkably comfortable because of their extra deep earcup cavities and are very quiet with ambient noise reducing around-ear earcups, which help keep students on task while reducing the need to increase the volume. Beneath their rugged headband is a flexible comfort sling, which contours to the user's head for better weight distribution and balance, also contributing to a more comfortable experience. Volume control is via a dial located on the back of the right earcup. Each headset model has a replaceable 6' cord that can withstand 250,000 flexes, and with a cord change, enables the same headset to operate in either stereo or mono modes for added flexibility. This also allows minor repairs to be made without purchasing a new headset body. Replaceable, easy-to-clean vinyl ear cushions are hypo-allergenic, no latex. The rigid boom microphone can be pivoted up and out of the way next to the earcup when not in use. The boom on all models is rigid except for the DS-4V, whose flexible steel boom is encased in a rugged protective wrap.

These headsets are available with different types of headphone and microphone plugs: the DS-4V comes with a 3.5mm headphone plug and 3.5mm mono dynamic mic plug; the DS-8V, which has a 3.5mm headphone plug and 3.5mm stereo mic plug, is available individually and as a 10-pack without a carry case (DS8V-10L); and the DS-9V includes a 3.5mm mono headphone plug and 3.5mm stereo electret mic plug. The DS-8VT has a single, stereo 3.5mm To Go™ plug for iOS & Android-based tablets and smartphones for mobile learning applications. DS8V-USB has a USB plug for Windows & Android-based tablets, Macs, Chromebooks, laptop and desktop computers.

The replacement cords for the Discovery headsets are the CA-110 for the DS-4V, the CA-120 for the DS-8V, and the CA-130 for the DS-9V.

  • Rugged plastic headstrap with recessed wiring for safety
  • Fully adjustable headband & comfort sling fits all sizes
  • Noise-reducing earcups decrease external ambient noise
  • Replaceable 6' straight cord with 3.5mm mini plugs
  • Noise cancelling mic reduces accidental recording of unintended sounds on a hinged boom, which can fold up when not in use
  • Volume control dial is located on the right earcup
  • Replaceable hypo-allergenic (no latex) ear cushions

There are three Discovery models offering a choice of stereo/mono cords, dynamic/electret mic

This headset has multiple plug choices to fit a variety of devices. Make sure your selected headset has the right compatible plug to fit the intended audio source.

MSRP $52.30

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3.5mm To Go plug
for tablets & smartphones,
3' cord, electret mic

MSRP $52.30

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3.5mm stereo headphone plug, electret mic, 3.5mm stereo mic plug, replaceable 6' cord

MSRP $478.50

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10 Pack w/o case

MSRP $52.30

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3.5mm mono headphone plug, 3.5mm stereo electret mic plug, replaceable 6' cord

MSRP $65.00

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with USB Plug, rigid boom arm
Replacement Cords


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Discovery Y-cord, 3.5mm stereo & 3.5mm mono mic plugs


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Discovery Y-cord, 3.5mm stereo & 3.5mm stereo mic plugs


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Discovery Y-cord, 3.5mm mono & 3.5mm stereo mic plugs

35CE Adapter
MSRP $3.90

Headphone/headset with a
single 3.5mm plug.

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discovery girl
ds8vt lifestyle 12
ds-4v lifestyle 12
DS-4VBlended Learning
DS8V-USBBlended Learning
ds dual 35mm plug
DS-4V plug
DS-8VTBlended Learning
ds to go plug
DS-8VT plug
DS8V-10LBlended Learning
35CE To Go™ plug adapter
Discovery Headsets
  • DS-4V
  • DS8V-USB
  • DS-4V plug
  • DS-8VT
  • DS-8VT plug
  • DS8V-10L
  • 35CE To Go™ plug adapter
  • Discovery Headsets
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Headphone Form FactorEarcup
Headphone TechnologyDynamic
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Sound Output Mode(DS-4V, DS-8V & DS-8VT)

Impedance64 Ohms
Flexible, encased steel boom arm

(DS-8V, DS-8VT & DS-9V)
Fixed boom arm, pivots from earcup
Microphone Technology(DS-4V)

(DS-8V, DS-8VT & DS-9V)
Microphone Operation Mode(DS-4V)

(DS-8V, DS-8VT & DS-9V)
Microphones IncludedOne
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Impedance300 Ohms
Connector Type(DS-4V)
1 x microphone (3.5mm mono) and
1 x headphone (3.5mm stereo)

1 x microphone (3.5mm stereo) and
1 x headphone (3.5mm stereo)

3.5mm To Go plug

1 x microphone (3.5mm stereo) and
1 x headphone (3.5mm mono)
Cable Length(DS-4V, DS-8V & DS-9V)

ColorGray / beige
Body MaterialPlastic, vinyl
Recommended use(DS-4V, DS-8V & DS-9V)
PC, multimedia

PC, multimedia, mobile learning
Additional FeaturesNoise cancelling circuit, volume control
Compatibility(DS-8VT only)
iOS and Android-based mobile devices
Weight(DS-4V, DS-8V, DS-8VT & DS-9V)
12 ounces, shipping weight 2 lbs.

12 ounces, shipping weight 9 lbs.
Commercial Warranty3 years, covering use in schools
Updated on: 2/28/15
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable
Q: What type of microphone do the Discovery headsets have?