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Explorer™ Binaural Headphones

The Explorer raises the bar for an education computer headphone with dependability, quality construction and value.

Its dynamic, thin Mylar® diaphragm speakers deliver high performance sound for higher quality reproduction of voice and music. It is trusted and widely used in typical mono functions (ELL / ELD, language labs, speech pathology) and stereo modes with computers, gaming and for music appreciation classes. The Explorer is ideal for use in computer labs and libraries in 1:1 applications and small group learning centers with educational software and is Windows and MAC compatible.

The Explorer is very quiet due to its large ambient-noise reducing over-the-ear earcups that help keep students on task while minimizing the need to increase the volume. There are protective slotted baffles protecting the inner speakers against accidental puncturing from sharp objects (such as an unfolded paper clip). The earcups are connected by steel-reinforced dual headband straps which are designed to be equally comfortable when worn by younger students or for when used in adult education classes. The headbands have a “memory” feature that no matter how they're bent or twisted, they “remember” their original shape and spring back. The easy-to-clean cushions provide durability and lightweight comfort.

  • Rugged plastic headstrap with recessed wiring for safety
  • Steel-reinforced dual headstraps are fully adjustable to fit younger students and adults comfortably
  • Noise-reducing earcups decrease external ambient noise
  • Volume control conveniently located on ear cup (EH-3SV and EH-521 only)
  • Replaceable 7' straight cord, 3.5mm plug, 1/4” adapter
  • Slotted baffles protecting the inner

All five Explorer headphones use its 7' replaceable cord with model choices of switchable/stereo/mono, ¼” or 3.5mm plug, earcup volume control or none.


MSRP $18

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¼” mono plug, no volume control, replaceable cord

MSRP $18.60

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3.5mm mono plug, no volume control, replaceable cord

MSRP $20

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3.5mm stereo plug, no volume control, replaceable cord

MSRP $22

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3.5mm stereo plug, volume control on earcup, replaceable cord

MSRP $211

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10 Pack w/o case

MSRP $23.60

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Switchable stereo/mono, 3.5mm plug with 1/4” screw-on adapter, replaceable cord
Replacement Cords


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Explorer single cord for EH-1, 1/4” mono plug


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Explorer single cord for EH-2, 3.5mm mono plug


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Explorer single cord for EH-3S and EH-3SV, 3.5mm stereo plug

MSRP $5.20

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Explorer single cord for EH-521, 3.5mm stereo plug

35CE Adapter
MSRP $3.90

Headphone/headset with a
single 3.5mm plug.

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Headphones (Wired)

eh-1 lifestyle 12
EH-1Blended Learning
eh 14in mono plug
EH-1 plug
EH-2Blended Learning
eh 35mm mono plug
EH-2 plug
EH-3SBlended Learning
eh 35mm stereo plug
EH-3S plug
EH-3SVBlended Learning
eh 35mm stereo plug
EH-3SV plug
EH-521Blended Learning
eh 35mm switchable plug
EH-521 plug
eh 14in adapter
EH-521 adapter
EH3SV-10LBlended Learning
35CE To Go™ plug adapter
Explorer Headphones
  • EH-1
  • EH-1 plug
  • EH-2
  • EH-2 plug
  • EH-3S
  • EH-3S plug
  • EH-3SV
  • EH-3SV plug
  • EH-521
  • EH-521 plug
  • EH-521 adapter
  • EH3SV-10L
  • 35CE To Go™ plug adapter
  • Explorer Headphones
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Headphone Form FactorEarcup
Headphone TechnologyDynamic
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Sound Output ModeStereo
Response Bandwidth20 - 17,000 Hz
Sensitivity111 dB
Impedance65 Ohms
Connector Type(EH-1 only)
1 x headphone (1/4” mono)

(EH-2 only)
1 x headphone (3.5mm mono)

(EH-3S, EH-3SV & EH-521)
1 x headphone (3.5mm stereo)

(EH-521 only)
1/4" adapter included
Additional Features(EH-3SV & EH-521 only)
Volume control
ColorLight gray / beige
Body MaterialPlastic, vinyl
Recommended UsePC, multimedia
Cable Length6 feet
Weight(1 Explorer headphone)
9 ounces, shipping weight 2 lbs.

9 oz each, total shipping weight 7 lbs.
Commercial Warranty3 years, covering use in schools
Updated on: 2/11/15
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable
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