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Bluetooth Keyboard

Smartphones and tablets are convenient if only listening or viewing is involved. Typing on them becomes cumbersome and problematic since the virtual keyboard occupies too much onscreen space. For typing while working from any mobile device, the Bluetooth KB4 offers full-sized connectivity. It enables you to type as you learned, but on a wafer-thin design that’s as unotrusive as the device itself. Once the KB4 is synced to any Bluetoothenabled iOS, Windows, or Android device, the device’s virtual keyboard disappears. This means students will see the entire display, meeting key PARCC & Smarter Balanced requirements and EPPA21, NCSC, WIDA and DLM standards.

  • Wireless connectivity syncs with any Bluetooth-enabled iOS/Windows/Android smartphones/tablets/laptops/desktops
  • Full-sized keys and spacing for efficiency & ease of use
  • ABS plastic for safety and durability
  • No special hardware – just plug and play
  • Warranty for school use - unlike items purchased at consumer electronics stores whose warranties would be voided if used in schools.


MSRP $53.10

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Bluetooth KeyboardWireless
KB4 Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Bluetooth Keyboard
  • KB4 Bluetooth Keyboard
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System RequirementsWindows, Andriod & iOS Compatible
Operation Range30’
ConnectionBluetooth, broadcom 3.0 chip
Modulation SystemGFSK
Standby Time30 days
Charge time4 hours
Uninterrupted work time44 hours
Product WeightActual _ lbs, Shipping weight 2 lbs., Case
quantity _, shipping _ lbs, actual _ lbs.
Product Dimensions9.75 x 6 x 0.25 inches
Warranty1 year - for use in early childhood centers,
schools, businesses, and churches
Updated on: 4/08/15
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable