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Kids Computer
Peripheral Package

Our KIDSPACK Kids Computer Peripheral Package provides young learners and special needs students with everything they need to begin learning and practicing their computer skills and familiarity with classroom technology. This package engages and captures student interest with its brightly colored components that are designed in a smaller size for a more comfortable fit.

The KB1 Kids Keyboard has fun green color-coded function keys, red-colored number keys, orange-colored vowel keys, and yellow-colored consonant keys to build confidence in students as they learn how to efficiently type on a keyboard. It also has Microsoft® Office hot keys such playback, volume control, home, favorites, track selection, standby, email, and search.

The wide KM100 mini mouse is an ideal tool with optical tracking for higher accuracy and ease of use to inspire computer creativity.

The red 2800-RD Listening First™ stereo headphone is perfect for students engaged in classroom story-time, read-along, literacy, language learning, library and computer-based activities. Its plastic earcups withstand daily use with slotted earcup baffles to prevent accidental damage from prying fingers or foreign objects.

The keyboard, mouse and headphone are all made from rugged ABS plastic for classroom safety and durability. The KB1 has a 3' cord with a USB plug and the KM100 has a 4' cord with USB and PS2 connections. Both are Windows compatible. The 2800-RD has a 10' straight cord with a right angle 3.5mm plug.

Kids Keyboard (KB1) features:
  • Color-coded keys help identify and locate function (green), consonants (yellow), vowels (orange) & number (red) keys; Microsoft Office Hot Keys: open folder, save file, print, cut, copy, paste, rotate window, wakeup screen, sleep (standby), power off; 85 keys formatted
Headphone (2800-RD) features:
  • Adjustable headband sized specifically for young children; Permanently attached cord with reinforced connection; Lengthy 10' straight cord with right angle 3.5mm plug reduces accidental pull-out; Ambient noise-reducing earcups; Protective slotted baffles prevent accidental damage from prying fingers & foreign objects.
Mouse (KM100) features:
  • Reinforced connector resists pull out; Smaller size designed for use by younger students; USB and PS2 connection; Optical tracking for higher accuracy and ease of use.


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Kids Keyboard (KB1)
System RequirementsPC/AT, Windows Notes - An Office program
must be opened for Hot Keys to work
- Hot Keys will not function with Apple products
- Sleep puts computer on standby, Wake turns it back on
- Power turns the computer off, but not on
Dimensions13.25" x 6.5" x 1.375"
Mouse (KM100)
System Requirements• USB and PS2 connection
• Windows XP / ME / 2000 / 98
Resolution800 DPI
Cord4’ cord with USB connector
Dimensions3.9" L x 2.2" W x 1" H
Listening First Headphone (2800-RD)
Volume ControlNo
PlugRight angle 3.5mm mini plug
Cord10 foot, straight cord
Ear CushionsFoam-filled leatherette
ConstructionAll three items are made with ABS plastic for durability and safety
Warranty1 year for use in early childhood centers, schools, businesses, churches and Head Start facilities
Updated on: 5/31/13
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable
“We got the KM200 mini mouse because its small size is good for a crowded area during Reading for our 5th graders.”
Wendy Rhodes
Special Education Teacher
Campbell Elementary
Springfield, MO

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