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Laser Presenter

Expand your flexibility and mobility in presentations with this wireless Intergrative Laser Presenter.

The LP4 includes a transmitter and USB receiver (Mac & Windows compatible) and is a versatile tool for use with PowerPoint presentations. The LP4 Laser Presenter adds another dimensionality and with page up/down capabilities.

Its handheld laser is powerful enough to identify objects up to 650’ away.

Other functions include:

  • Receiver plugs into a computer’s USB port
  • Page up/down
  • Warranty covers use in schools, unlike items sold through consumer product stores

MSRP $78.60

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Computer Peripherals

  • Laser Presenter
FunctionalitiesPage up, Page down (for Microsoft®
Excel, Word, & PowerPoint), Laser Pointer
RF Frequency2.437GHz
RF Output power0dBm
Control DistanceUp to 40 ft
Laser DistanceUp to 650 ft
Laser wavelength650nm
Max Output<5mW
Battery1 x AAA
Working voltage1.2~1.5V
Sleep current<100uA
Weight4 oz., 1 lb. total shipping weight
Dimensions4.9 x 1.4 x .9”
Operating SystemWindows 2000 and above, Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8
InterfaceUSB1.1 , Compatible with USB2.0
Working voltageUSB electricity supply (4.5~5.5V)
Warranty1 year for use in early childhood centers,
schools, businesses, and churches,
unlike items sold through consumer
product stores
Updated on: 7/22/15
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable