Califone Wins Best in Show for PA419-02 Portable Bluetooth PA
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Belt Pack Transmitter

Flexibility and comfort help make for more effective presentations. With five available mic choices that work with this transmitter, there's sure to be a combination matched for your specific need. And with its ability to be used with so many Califone PAs, it's also one of the most cost effective audio selections that can be made.

  • Transmits to PA919, PA919SD, PA919PS, PA329 and PI39 PAs
  • 16 selectable channels
  • Hands-free with CM319, HBM319, LM319, NM319 and OE319


MSRP $187

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Overview of Wireless Mics
  • M319
  • Overview of Wireless Mics
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Carrier Frequencies904 - 925 mHz (16 channel)
Channels904 - 925 mHz (16 channel)
Channels: #1 904.85, #2 905.75, #3 906.85, #4 908.15, #5 909.65, #6 911.35, #7 913.45, #8 914.85, #9 915.75, #10 916.85, #11 918.15, #12 919.65, #13 921.35, #14 923.25, #15 924.15, #16 925.35
Frequency Response90 Hz - 17kHz
Frequency Stability±5kHz
OscillatorPLL Synthesized
ModulationFM (frequency modulation)
Switchable Transmission Power5dBm / 10dBm
Spurious Rejection55dB
Distortion> 1% THD
Dynamic Range90 dB
RangeUp to 150'
Current Consumption42 mA
Input Jack3.5mm
Signal / Noise90dB
AF Modulation Depth20K(AF=1KHz 50MV)
Volume Code Modulate Depth3.5K±0.5K
AF Frequency Response80Hz~18kHz (±3dB)
Battery9V battery
Safety / Compliance TestingCE, FCC, RoHS
Speaker CompatibilityPA919SD, PA919, PA919PS, PA319, PA159,PL19
Dimensions4.75"H x 2.5"W x 1.25"D
Weight10 oz. with battery, 1 lb. ship weight
Warranty1 year
Updated on: 12/28/12
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable
Q: Is there a headset mic that works with the PA919SD?
Q: If I have the PA319PL package and add another PA319 speaker, will both speakers pick up the signal from the beltpack transmitter at the same time?
Q: We have a PA919SD and want to connect an additional wireless handheld microphone on top of the two built-in wireless connections. What would you recommend?
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