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Odyssey™ Binaural Headphones

The professional-grade Odyssey is designed for heavy-duty use in K-12 and college classrooms and (multimedia) computer labs. It is Windows and MAC compatible and can function in stereo or mono with a simple cord change.

The Odyssey is remarkably comfortable because of its extra deep earcup cavities and is very quiet with ambient noise reducing earcups, which help keep students on task while reducing the need to increase the volume. Beneath its rugged headband is a flexible comfort sling, which contours to the user's head for better weight distribution and balance, also contributing to a more comfortable experience. Volume control is on the back of the right earcup.

Its replaceable 6' cord withstands 250,000 flexes, and with a cord change (from stereo to mono, or mono to stereo), enables the same headphone to operate instead in mono or stereo mode for added flexibility. This also allows minor repairs to be made without purchasing a new headphone body. Both cords have a 3.5mm plug. The connection point with the earcup is recessed to prevent accidental disengagement of the cord.

The replaceable, easy-to-clean vinyl ear cushions are hypo-allergenic, no latex.

  • Rugged plastic headstrap with recessed wiring for safety
  • Fully adjustable headband & comfort sling fits all sizes
  • Noise-reducing earcups decrease external ambient noise
  • Replaceable 6' straight cord with 3.5mm mini plugs
  • Volume control is located on the right earcup
  • Replaceable hypo-allergenic (no latex) ear cushions

There are two choices of Odyssey headphones.

MSRP $22.20

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3.5mm mono plug

MSRP $24.60

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3.5mm stereo plug

MSRP $248.60

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10 Pack w/o case
Replacement Cords

MSRP $5.20

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Odyssey single cord, 3.5mm mono plug

MSRP $7.20

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Odyssey single cord, 3.5mm stereo plug

35CE Adapter
MSRP $3.90

Headphone/headset with a
single 3.5mm plug.

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Headphones (Wired)

oh-1v lifestyle 12
OH-1VBlended Learning
eh 35mm mono plug
OH-1V plug
OH-4VBlended Learning
eh 35mm stereo plug
OH-4V plug
OH4V-10LBlended Learning
35CE To Go™ plug adapter
Discovery, Odessey, Explorer, 610 Overview
  • OH-1V
  • OH-1V plug
  • OH-4V
  • OH-4V plug
  • OH4V-10L
  • 35CE To Go™ plug adapter
  • Discovery, Odessey, Explorer, 610 Overview
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ColorLight gray / beige
Body MaterialPlastic, vinyl
Recommended UsePC, multimedia
Additional FeaturesVolume control
Headphone Form FactorEarcup
Headphone TechnologyDynamic
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Sound Output Mode(OH-1V)

Response Bandwidth(OH-1V)
20 - 20,000 Hz

50 - 10,000 Hz
Sensitivity111 dB
130 Ohms

300 Ohms
Connector Type(OH-1V)
1 x headphone (3.5mm mono)

1 x headphone (3.5mm stereo)
Cable Length6 feet
Weight(OH-1V & OH-4V)
12 ounces, shipping weight 2 lbs.

12 oz each, total shipping weight 10 lbs.
Commercial Warranty3 years, covering use in schools
Updated on: 2/11/15
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable