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PA Pro™

The portability and versatility of a wireless PA system are built into the PA Pro. Powerful enough to handle indoor and out-door uses for up to 150 people, it is ideal for school yards, tour groups, meetings & can be a potential lifesaver in emergencies where crowd control and communication can make the critical difference.

  • Built-in carrying handle for playground use, meetings or tours
  • 3.5mm AUX Input Jack
  • 3.5mm Audio Output jack
  • Rugged ABS plastic casing withstands repeated use
  • Separate tone and volume controls
  • 6 hour battery use with low battery indicator and unit still operates while recharging its built-in battery
  • Hands-free wireless mic and belt-pack transmitter
  • Lightweight transmitter comfortably worn on waist
  • Internal storage space for transmitter, charger, & mic
  • 6.3mm mic jack for use with a wired microphone
  • 100’ wireless range from transmitter to PA
  • 213.750 MHz frequency for crowd management

MSRP $382.00

213.750 MHz frequency
mic only

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Portable Audio

PA Pro™
pa11 10
PA Pro™ rear view
pa11 1
PA Pro™ top view
pa11 5
PA Pro™ transmitter
pa11 4
PA Pro™ belt clip
pa11 3
PA Pro™ volume control
pa11 8
PA Pro™ with Lapel Mic
pa11 6
Lapel Mic
pa11 9
Power Supply
pa11 2
Batteries included
  • PA Pro™
  • PA Pro™
  • PA Pro™ rear view
  • PA Pro™ top view
  • PA Pro™ transmitter
  • PA Pro™ belt clip
  • PA Pro™ volume control
  • PA Pro™ with Lapel Mic
  • Lapel Mic
  • Power Supply
  • Batteries included
Belt Pack Transmitter/Lapel Mic
Frequency213.750 MHz VHF, Crystal controlled
Power Output 10 milliWatts
ControlsLow Battery LED Indicator
Input Jack3.5mm mic jack
Power Requirements2 “AA” batteries (included)
Receiver / Amplifier
Frequency 213.750 MHz VHF, Crystal controlled
Antenna Telescoping
Other FeaturesRF Signal, LED Power Indicator
Power Output 20 Watts, RMS
Distortion <10% THD
Controls Power On / Volume, Power on
LED Indicator, Tone control
Input3.5mm AUX Input Jack
6.3mm mic jack
Output3.5mm Audio Output jack
Speaker4.5” diameter, 15W @ 4 Ohms
Power Source AC100-240 VAC ~ 50-60 Hz Switching-type power adapter with DC 16.5V/0.9A output.
Internal rechargeable battery
Battery Run Time6 hours @ 50% duty cycle
Battery Recharge Time7 hours with included wall adapter
Safety Approval CE approved safe for school use
Dimensions7.1”W x 4”D x 9.8”H
Total Weight5 lbs., without batteries
shipping weight 7 lbs.
Warranty1 year for use in schools, businesses,
government facilities, and churches
Updated on: 01/24/17
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable
“The security aspects within No Child Left Behind are a factor for our rural school district. We rely on Califone safety equipment for announcements, safety drills, coordinating student movement, security and supervision without dependence on phone service. We use the Handheld Megaphone to get the attention of students - there's a measurable reassurance knowing you can be heard anywhere on the playground.”
William Stephens
Superintendent of Schools
Miami Public Schools
Miami, OK

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