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VoiceSaver 285

The portable VoiceSaver™ is a personal PA system that's perfect for teachers, trainers, tour or seminar leaders, and other presenters who need help projecting their voices. Vocal reinforcement is sometimes necessary since talking for extended periods can strain the vocal cords (causing sore throats) to the point of needing assistance. With its enhanced audio projection, students can hear more clearly, thereby improving their understanding and achieving higher performance levels.

The 5-watt version (PA-285) has a 3.5” diameter speaker that's powerful enough for up to 50 people, and has a 3.5mm auxiliary input to connect with smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and other audio sources for enhanced audio amplification. The PA-285 has a built-in internal tripod mount (TP-285 tripod) so it can placed on a desktop and other flat surfaces for enhanced projection.

The 2-watt version (PA-282) has a 2.5” diameter speaker that projects audio to groups of up to 25 people. Both the PA-282 and PA-285 are light enough to be worn on a belt all day and will operate up to 8 hours on a single charge.

The amplifier/loudspeaker is housed in a rugged shatter-resistant ABS plastic enclosure for durability in day-in and day-out applications. The VoiceSaver is hip-worn with a 1.5-inch wide belt clip on the back and a rugged steel grille on the front protecting the speaker. Included is an on/off switch, LED status indicator, volume control and a 3.5-mm microphone input.

  • Personal audio complement for teaching larger groups, field trips, tours or lectures up to 50 people
  • Vocal assist for fatigued throats giving extended seminars or classes with block scheduling
  • Connects to computers and LCD projectors for more powerful multimedia presentations

MSRP $152

MSRP $213

MSRP $31

Table-Top Tripod

Portable Audio

pa-282 lifestyle
pa-282 front
PA-282 front
  • PA-282
  • PA-282 front
Power Output2 Watts RMS is powerful enough for presentations of up to 25 people
Distortion< 5%
Frequency Response350-8,000 Hz
Speaker2.5" Diameter, 4 Ohms
Aux In Sensitivity120 mV
Mic Sensitivity4.2 mV
Microphone TypeUnidirectional electret mic
Signal/Noise Ratio60dB
Operating Voltage4.8-5 VDC
Battery1.2v Nickel-Metal Hydride x 4 included
Operating Time6 - 8 Hours @ 70 - 50% Duty Cycle
Adapter9 Volt DC, 300mA, UL-CE approved
Dimensions4.5”W x 1.5”D x 3.5”H
LED IndicatorPower On - Green
Charging - Red
Belt Clip1.5" Wide
Weight10 oz., with batteries, 2 lbs. ship weight
Warranty1 year from purchase date
Updated on: 1/25/13
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable
“I bought the PA285 VoiceSaver™ because it helps save my voice when teaching my 2nd graders.”
Tina Green
Ona Elementary
Fraziers Bottom, WV

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