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Wireless Microphone

Versatility in a handheld wireless microphone is as important as its ability to deliver clear, crisp audio.

The Califone Q319 is designed to work with the entire UHF line of wireless Califone® PA systems including: PowerPro™ SD (PA919SD), PowerPro (PA919), PowerPro Companion Speaker (PA919PS), iPod Wireless Portable PA (PA419), PresentationPro™ (PA329), and Wireless Array (PI39) speakers.

This economical mic eliminates the need for dedicated microphones to any given speaker and allows for mix-and-match uses, extends budgets, and provides system-wide flexibility.

  • LCD display screen for 16 selectable channels for optimal sound choice and clarity
  • Channel up/down buttons
  • On/Off power switch
  • Up to 150' wireless transmission range to speaker

MSRP $187

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Overview of Wireless Mics
  • Q319
  • Overview of Wireless Mics
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Carrier Frequencies904 - 925 mHz (16 channel)
Channels#1 904.85, #2 905.75, #3 906.85, #4 908.15, #5 909.65, #6 911.35, #7 913.45, #8 914.85, #9 915.75,
#10 916.85, #11 918.15, #12 919.65, #13 921.35, #14 923.25, #15 924.15, #16 925.35
Frequency Response90 Hz - 17kHz
Frequency Stability±5kHz
OscillatorPLL Synthesized
ModulationFM (frequency modulation)
Transmission Power10dBm
Spurious Rejection55dB
Distortion> 1% THD
Dynamic Range90 dB
RangeUp to 150'
Current Consumption42 mA
Input Jack3.5mm
Signal / Noise90dB
AF Modulation Depth20K(AF=1KHz 50MV)
Volume Code Modulate Depth3.5K±0.5K
AF Frequency Response80Hz~18kHz (±3dB)
Battery9V battery
Weight10 oz with battery, 1 lb. ship weight
Safety / Compliance TestingCE, FCC, RoHS
Dimensions2" x 9"
Speaker CompatibilityPA919SD, PA919, PA919PS, PA319, PI39
Warranty1 year
Updated on: 12/28/12
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable
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