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Smartphone & Tablet Stand

Tablets and smartphones are usually held. But when they’re used for day-to-day learning and in assessments, typing longer answers (on a synced bluetooth keyboard) is more condusive than thumb-typing. If a wireless keyboard is used, the mobile device often needs to be propped up for optimal viewing.

The TPT stand fully adjusts to hold tablets and even larger smartphones to an ergonomically correct angle. Folded up, the stand is no larger than a tv remote. Opened up, its stable base and two-part spine can be molded to prop up tablets such as a Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab, or iPad in either landscape or portrait modes.

  • Adjusts for optimal viewing in landscape or portrait mode with full/mini-sized tablets and smartphones
  • Grippy rubber prevents accidental “walking”
  • 3-step ratcheted independent movement of each base leg opens to a maximum of 75 degree angle, 6’ tip to tip
  • 8-step ratcheted movement of the upper spine tip
  • 22-step ratcheted movement of spine (at the base) adjusts vertical angle from closed to +180 degrees

MSRP $11.00

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tpt rearview
  • TPT Views
  • Rearview
Product Dimensions7.25 x 1 x 1.25 inches (fully closed)
Span6” base fully outstretched, 7.25” max height
Product WeightActual 3.4 oz, Shipping weight 1 lb., Case
quantity 10 units, shipping 4 lbs, actual 3 lbs.;
Case 19 x 14 x 13”
Warranty1 year - for use in early childhood centers,
schools, businesses, and churches, - unlike
items purchased at consumer electronics
stores whose warranties would be voided if
used in schools.
Updated on: 6/25/15
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