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Interactive Whiteboard

Help transform learning and engage students with this Interactive Whiteboard. The WB80 consists of software with an interconnected hardware frame that permanently attaches to a wall and connects to PCs with Windows operating systems. Using a series of built-in sensors around the perimeter, infrared technology triangulates & interprets writing or move- ments against the surface - eliminating the need for special pens or writing instruments.

Once calibrated, the WB80 can be used as a computer mouse by touching/dragging along the interactive whiteboard space with your finger or pointing device. The included software has several functions which can be accessed by touching the following icons on the right side of the screen:
Show/hide the whiteboard, select red/blue/multi-color pen to draw on the whiteboard/desktop, erase, magnify, hide, resize to focus attention on certain parts of the screen, clock/timer function, snapshot of the current screen.

  • Interconnecting corner and field sensors pieces
  • Hardware accessories
  • Male-Male and Female-Male USB extension cords


MSRP $996.00

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Computer Peripherals

wb80 lifestyle 11
  • WB80
Power RequirementUses power from a USB port
Sensor TypeInfrared
Resolution4096 x 4096 Points (Precision < 2mm)
Response TimeInitial: < 25 ms; Continuous use: <16 ms
Maximum Cursor Speed180 Points / second
Operating SystemWindows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit
Whiteboard Area80" diagonal, 45.375" height x 64.75" width
Exterior Dimensions48.375" height x 67.75" width x 0.5"
depth (installed)
Weight5 lbs., shipping weight 7 lbs.
WarrantyFor school, business, church and government uses for 1 year
Updated on: 2/12/15
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