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Wireless Upgrade Package

When school budgets are tight, oftentimes institutions don't update or upgrade costly PA gear they've already invested in.

With our cost-effective WS-CK1 Wireless Upgrade Kit, you can instantly and quickly turn your existing wired PA into a wireless PA to enhance its performance or modernize any outdated 700MHz speaker. Converting to a wireless PA can bring forth several benefits to enable educators and students to project audio, make announcements or play music during sporting events, meetings, class presentations, and other indoor/outdoor situations with more flexibility.

The WS-CK1 enables wireless transmission to a wired PA from anchored audio sources such as computers and MP3 players. The WS-T transmitter included in the kit has an adjustable range up to 300' within line of sight, a 3.5mm mic input where the included HBM319 headset can be connected, and can be either worn on the hip or around the neck with an available lanyard. To upgrade your existing wired PA, simply connect the included headset mic to the transmitter and then match one of the 16 frequency channels on the transmitter to the same one used on the included WS-R wireless receiver. The final step is to connect the receiver to the “aux” or “line in” on your existing PA (connecting cable is not included).

The kit also includes two WS-CR charging cradles (with power adapters) and is available in the PA419WS iPod Wireless Portable PA System package.

System Includes:

  • HBM-319 headset
  • WS-T wireless transmitter
  • WS-R wireless receiver
  • Two WS-CR charging cradles
    (power adapter included)


MSRP $480

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Upgrade to Wired PA to Wireless
  • WS-CK1
  • Upgrade to Wired PA to Wireless
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Operational RangeLow TX Power / Low RX Sens.: > 100' *
Low TX Power / High RX Sens.: > 200' *
High TX Power / Low RX Sens.: > 200' *
High TX Power / High RX Sens.: > 300' *
* Line-of-sight required. Range may be lower due to obstructions / interference.
Frequency Response100 Hz - 8 kHz +/- 3dB (Mic/Line Inputs)
THD + N%< 3 % (Mic/Line Inputs)
Channels16 (Transmitter Channels)
1 Mono (Transmit Channels)
Frequency Range902 - 928 MHz
Power RequirementsUses 3.7 V / 1800 mAh Li-Ion battery
Output PowerLow: 5 mW / High: 10 mW
Sensitivity50 mV (Mic Input)
250 mV (Line Input)
Battery Usage Time> Receiver 11 hours, Transmitter 7 hours
Battery Recharge Time< 13 hours for the Transmitter & Receiver
S/N Ratio> 60 dB
Weight2 lbs., shipping weight 4 lbs. (incl. accessories)
WarrantyFor use in school, business, church and government facilities for 1 year
Updated on: 2/11/15
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable