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Wireless Tablet Interface

The WT1 Wireless Tablet Interface helps educators wirelessly control computer-based presentations with freedom of movement throughout the classroom from up to 50' away. The Wireless Tablet Interface functions like a remote mouse. By connecting the tablet's receiver to the computer's USB port that's hooked up to a projector, the WT1 allows teachers or presenters to effectively integrate technology into an interactive classroom learning environment through enhanced multimedia or online content. Teachers can accommodate multiple independent learning-based groups with the WT1 using the 18 available channels so that another tablet can be assigned to its own unique identity, preventing any interference within a 100' radius.

The lightweight, flexible Wireless Tablet Interface is easy to install and quick to set up and calibrate with a Windows®-only operating system. It enables you to remotely control the computer's desktop and presentation-related functions with all the conventional controls and software functions you'd expect. A pen, USB receiver and 3' USB cord are included.

  • Keys on the left side of the tablet enable it to be used as a mouse on a PC by touching the Pen to the tablet surface.
  • Left side buttons control: Desktop; Up / Down / Left / Right / OK arrows; Mouse Left / Right keys; Page Up / Down keys; Alt + Tab; Clear / Close / Esc keys; Red pen / Screen Mode
  • Right side software functions include: Show / Hide whiteboard; Red pen to draw on whiteboard / desktop; Blue pen to draw on whiteboard / desktop; Multi-color pen; Eraser; Magnify; Focus and resize the window; Blank screen; Hide upper and lower parts of the screen; Clock/Timer; Record whiteboard session; Snapshot of the current screen; Dialog box to adjust settings
  • Includes Pen, USB receiver & 3' USB cord

MSRP $185.60

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Computer Peripherals

Launches Wireless Tablet Interface
  • WT1
  • Launches Wireless Tablet Interface
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Control Interface2.4GHz
Tablet Area6.2" diagonal
Resolution1024 x 768 Points
Operating SystemWindows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit
Channels18 to avoid interference with other tablets
Power RequirementsTwo rechargeable AAA batteries (included), rechargeable via USB
Usage Time> 20 hours
Battery Recharge Time< 3 hours
Dimensions8.5" x 5.75" x 0.625"
Weight11 oz., 1 lb. total shipping weight
Warranty1 year for use in early childhood centers, schools, businesses, and churches, unlike items sold through consumer product stores
Updated on: 2/12/15
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable
Q: Does the Wireless Tablet Interface (WT1) provide a way to “cover” the screen content instantly to enable an open discussion after each lecture without the students seeing/reading the lecture notes on the screen?
Q: Can the Wireless Tablet Interface (WT1) mode be changed between the pen and the mouse at anytime?
Q: Does the Wireless Tablet Interface (WT1) clock offer any color options? I’d like to change it weekly to match my kindergarten class’ color of the week if possible.
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