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USB Webcam

Our CW1 USB Webcam is easy to use and can help educators facilitate blended learning situations and flipped classroom environments. It's ideal for teaching individuals or small group learning with video chats, Skype™, and other remote applications. This USB Webcam can optimize distance learning for small, rural or urban schools that need to connect to an outside teacher or program in different subject areas, for remedial courses, or for home-schooled or homebound students.

Constructed with rugged ABS plastic for day-in and day-out classroom uses for durability, the CW1 has a built-in microphone, focus wheel and a 4' long USB cord. Its built-in adjustable stand for desktop, laptop, or monitor mounting allows for adjustable camera angles. It has USB 2.0, Windows and MAC compatibility.

  • Built-in adjustable stand for desktop / laptop / monitor mounting which allows for adjusting camera angle
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Focus wheel
  • 4' length USB cord

MSRP $35

Computer Peripherals

cw1 on laptop
CW1Blended Learning
  • CW1
Operating SystemWindows 2000 / XP / Vista /
Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit, Mac OS
Resolution640 x 480 pixels
Frame Rate30fps
USB CompatibilityUSB 2.0
ConstructionABS plastic
Dimensions1.75" x 3"
Weight11 oz., 1 lb. total shipping weight
Warranty1 year for use in early childhood centers,
schools, businesses, and churches
Updated on: 4/29/13
Blended Learning Wireless Washable Non-Washable
“We got the KM200 mini mouse because its small size is good for a crowded area during Reading for our 5th graders.”
Wendy Rhodes
Special Education Teacher
Campbell Elementary
Springfield, MO

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