Califone® products are under warranty for use in schools, unlike items purchased from consumer electronic stores, whose warranties would be voided if used within a school. While within a valid warranty period and only with prior authorization, defective products may be returned to the Califone Service Department at sender's cost for service and repair. Out-of-warranty items may be returned for service and repair for a fee. Califone reserves the right to charge an additional fee for products with extensive physical damage, however we will not proceed with service without your authorization.

Warranty covers products outside the United States only if purchased through an authorized international Califone distributor or Califone dealer within the country of purchase. The warranty does not cover improper assembly or installation of parts or accessories not originally intended or compatible with the device as sold, damage or failure due to accident, misuse or neglect, or modification.

Califone warranty policy guarantees our products to be free from defects for the length listed below.

PA Systems Infrared systems/Array Speakers/PA920 series ampli ers only, PA310/PA329 transformers only
Six year warranty
PA Systems PA310/PA329, PA419-02, PA920 series components (Rechargeable Battery, Wireless Receivers, Transmitters, CD Mechanism)
One year warranty
One year warranty
Multimedia Players Phonographs, Cassettes, CD, DVD, Boomboxes, and all Jackboxes
One year warranty
Headphones & Headsets - 2 Year Warranty SA370, 2985, HIR Series, CLS Series, 2964
Two year warranty
Heavy Duty Headphones & Headsets - 3 Year Warranty 2924, 1534BK, 610, EH, OH, DS, 3066, SA740, 2800, 2810, HPK (Titanium), 3068 Series, 4100, HS-BE, HS-PA, HS-TI
Three year warranty
Gaming Headsets GH131, GH507
One year warranty
E3 Series Earbuds E3, E3T & E3USB
One year warranty
Lightweight Headphones & Earbud 3060, 3064AV, 3065, CA-2, E2 & 8200-HP
90 Day warranty
Hearing Protectors & Earbud HS5, HS10, HS20, E1
30 Day warranty
Computer Peripherals (except AX-12, Three month warranty)
One year warranty
Document Camera DC596
Two year warranty