Califone wireless headphones deliver auditory information for high fidelity listening in educational technology settings regardless of the type of media player which is channeling the audio - boombox, CD / cassette / DVD player, computer or one of our wireless transmitters. With multiple wireless frequencies to choose from (infrared or UHF), teachers and students can enjoy the benefits of listening without annoying cords and with improvements in comfort and convenience.

Easy Plug-in Play Technology

No Child Left Behind funding places a premium on teachers and administrators integrating technology standards into K-12 schools and classrooms. Our comprehensive line of wireless headphones can help achieve this for use by speech pathologists and students in individual and limited group sound fields, hearing systems and wireless assistive listening centers in computer labs, Title 1 programs, assessments and libraries.

With basal and supplemental publishers offering increased audio and audiovisual supplements to their programs on CD, DVD and cassette tapes, Califone can help beginning readers, language learners, listening centers, bilingual, family literacy, reading programs and special education users benefit from this technology with self-paced and directed audio learning.

Our innovative wireless headphones have everything you've come to expect from Califone-high performance, reliability, affordability and safety. All of our headphones are made with rugged ABS plastic and adjustable headbands with a comfortable leatherette wrap around tempered steel. In addition, the wiring inside the headband and earphones is recessed so nothing can be pulled out. Our ambient noise-reducing earcups also help keep students on task by blocking external sounds (eliminating the need to increase the volume to higher levels).